Article Type: Technical Paper
Target Audience: Policymaker, Researcher, Practitioner
Publisher/Author: Partnership for Economic Inclusion
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Resources| Publication| January 19, 2021

The State of Economic Inclusion Report 2021: The Potential to Scale

The State of Economic Inclusion Report 2021 sheds light on one of the most intractable challenges faced by development policy makers and practitioners: transforming the economic lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

The report provides a global assessment on the state of economic inclusion programs that reach the extreme poor and vulnerable. Drawing on experiences from over 75 countries, the report considers the feasibility of bringing economic inclusion and graduation programs to scale. This report establishes a baseline for global economic inclusion programs, reviews the evolving landscape of government and nongovernment programs, and explores the potential for scale.

This report is a product of a unique collaboration within the World Bank’s Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice and produced under the Partnership for Economic Inclusion – a multi-stakeholder partnership focused on scale-up of economic inclusion and graduation programs.