Article Type: Brief
Target Audience: Policymaker, Practitioner, Others
Publisher/Author: Partnership for Economic Inclusion
Sectors: Economic Inclusion
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Resources| Publication| September 25, 2020

Preview: State of Economic Inclusion Report 2021

The State of Economic Inclusion Report 2021, to be published in several months, will shed light on one of the most stubborn challenges in development: transforming the economic lives of people in extreme poverty and vulnerability. The full report will emerge at a moment of global crisis, amidst the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, which looks set to push more than 80 million people into extreme poverty. The report will feature contributions from over 100 organizations, reflecting the collaborative effort and spirit that shapes the Partnership for Economic Inclusion. Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI).

This SEI Report Preview highlights the key findings and some critical discoveries and data in advance. This preview provides an overview of the report, introduces a framework for economic inclusion at scale, and identifies 10 key findings from the full report.